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The Health Advocate's Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook by Trisha Torrey   
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Annual Health Advocacy Practice Checklist
Your Annual Health Advocacy Practice Checklist for 2014
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Available as a PDF only
 18 pages
Use this Checklist to Help You
Protect and Advance Your Business
Note:   This report is available for a limited time only. 
(Through March 31, 2014)
Description:   If you run or own an independent health advocacy practice, there are some steps you can take to get your year off to a good start. Part update and part new initiative, these 12 ideas will get you into a new groove, helping you build your capabilities as an independent, professional advocate, and creating stability and success for your advocacy practice.
About the Author:   After 20+ years of working with hundreds of professionals and businesses, the author, Trisha Torrey, began focusing her work on health advocacy after suffering and overcoming her own challenges with the healthcare system.

Her expertise as a long time self-employed business owner, paired with her knowledge of patient and health advocacy, sets the stage for the writing and speaking she does to promote the profession of independent, private advocacy.
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